I’m Back, or Will Be Tomorrow

Well, I am back.  Sorry for the break, but I had an urgent deadline on a book –The Gifts of Life Recovery.  We (Steve Arterburn and myself) got the assignment around June, but didn’t get a contract until mid-August, and the manuscript was due the first of October.  Well, we made in the middle of November.  Steve’s book is The Laws of Life Recovery, and we really worked together, but were each responsible for creating the basic manuscript.  They should both be released by summer 2015.

We have quite a few products out their now on Life Recovery.  The Life Recovery Bible has sold over 2 million copies.  A teen version was released early this year,  and the Large Print Edition were recently released .  The King James version was also recently released.  The Spanish version is due out the first of 2015.

We also have the Life Recovery Devotional, the Life Recovery Workbook, The Book of Life Recovery,   The Life Recovery Journal.  The Laws of Life Recovery look at the principles we learn when we get into recovery from any of the issues of life.  And the Gifts of Life Recovery looks at the character issues that are developed when we are in recovery.

It is all based on the 12 Steps, but goes beyond the treatment of alcoholism and other addictions.  We call it “life” recovery because we all face problems and issues in our lives that come into perspective with “recovery.”

See you tomorrow!


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