I am a psychologist and family counselor who has been working with families and marriages for over 35 years. I am fascinated with how families and marriages work and am challenged to find out why they don’t work at times.  We may label troubled families as dysfunctional, but in truth all human relationships are flawed and dysfunctional.  I start with that premise.

I enjoy working families, in fact, in my counseling office, the more family members I have in the room, the better.  For me, working with relationships is like putting together a giant puzzle–it is always a great challenge. When working with individuals I am always working to see that person’s problems in the context of their family.

Marriages are especially challenging to me as I love seeing how it is that even in the worst situations, a husband and wife can come together and find that they can start fresh with a new relationship with each other that even surprises me at times. I know that keeping a marriage together also saves the family. You see, I look at family as a system–everything is connected to everything in some way.

I will also cover issues of addiction, parenting, grandparenting and even the family issue of perfectionism. That’s why I have chosen to make the focus of this blog to be “family matters”–a discussion of the things I have learned over the years that have made a difference in the lives I have seen miraculously changed.  When I see that miracle, I feel blessed and incredibly thankful and celebrate God’s provision for He is my source.

In addition to being a licensed psychologist, I am an ordained minister.  My doctorate is from the University of Southern California, and I am a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.  I am also an adjunct professor at Fuller and teach courses associated with family therapy.  What you will read on this blog will always be based on my Christian principles and faith, but will not always be stated as such.

I also have had the privilege for a number of years to be a co-host on the nationally syndicated radio and TV program, New Life Live.  It is heard on over 180 stations and on three cable networks.  In addition, I have authored over 30 books, and was the co-editor of the Life Recovery Bible.  This 12-step Bible has sold over 1.6 million copies.

My wife, Jan, and I have been married for over 50 years and together we have led seminars and retreats all over the country as well as in other countries.  We are the parents of three sons and have six grandchildren.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my website and reading my blog.  My office address is 1300 Bristol Street North, Suite 100, Newport Beach, CA 92660.  You can reach me at 949-463-0607.

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