2 Corinthians 8:16-24

2 Corinthians 8:16-24

16 But thank God! He has given Titus the same enthusiasm for you that I have.17 Titus welcomed our request that he visit you again. In fact, he himself was very eager to go and see you. 18 We are also sending another brother with Titus. All the churches praise him as a preacher of the Good News. 19 He was appointed by the churches to accompany us as we take the offering to Jerusalem—a service that glorifies the Lord and shows our eagerness to help.

20 We are traveling together to guard against any criticism for the way we are handling this generous gift. 21 We are careful to be honorable before the Lord, but we also want everyone else to see that we are honorable.

22 We are also sending with them another of our brothers who has proven himself many times and has shown on many occasions how eager he is. He is now even more enthusiastic because of his great confidence in you. 23 If anyone asks about Titus, say that he is my partner who works with me to help you. And the brothers with him have been sent by the churches, and they bring honor to Christ. 24 So show them your love, and prove to all the churches that our boasting about you is justified.


Paul is very careful about how he is perceived.  He is not a loner.  His best protection against false accusation is to have eager men travel with him.  It’s not until his end that he is alone, though even then not totally alone.

Paul is also a motivator of the church.  It seems he is bragging about one church to another one, but he is doing that as an act of encouragement.

Earlier in Chapter 8–Paul had to be negative with the Corinthians and it really seemed to bother him  He typically focuses on the positive, but underneath that is his obsession with bringing honor to Christ.  He spoke the truth.

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